Thursday, November 9, 2017

FAQ: Buying for the holidays: What is your return policy??

Hello Spoonier Fans!!!


The Holidays are approaching us and we are already getting questions about our return policy for gifts given in December. So here is an explanation of how our policies work around the holidays- for returns and a few different changes the Holidays bring to our shop:

First- We want ALL of our customers to be happy with their purchase. So when it comes to gift giving, this is no exception!

Returns & Exchanges:
Our shop policy is that a request for an exchange or return be given within 10 days of *receiving* your ring. The reason for a time limit on returns for the purchase is so that we don't get a scuffed up piece of sterling jewelry back after several wears already into the ring. But if the ring just sat in a box for a month or 2 and was given as a gift- and it wasn't quite as perfect of a match in size, or finish, or style, then we will absolutely work with the customer on an Exchange, a Free Resize, a Free Refinish - and on rare occasion, a Return. As long as the person who contacts me has the name of the person who gifted it to them, we are good (Suggested wording: we can work with you)

Ring Size:
We also will give a free ring sizer with any ring purchase upon request- which pairs perfectly with our Free Resizing (you pay shipping to us, and we pay shipping back)! So if you are guessing at the size for a gift, and are really not sure if you're going to be close, please request a free ring sizer so you can have it ready to get the actual size after gift giving, and your gift-ee can send the ring back to me confidentially (Did you mean confidently?) for a free resizing with an accurate ring size request.

Ring Finish:
There is also the Refinishing we offer for Free: We give all of our rings a brushed finish with a tiny bit of a cloth polishing before we ship. But someone might get the ring and wish it was as shiny as the rest of their jewelry. Or they may wish the patina was a bit darker to make the design pop a bit more, or the ring oxidized a bit while waiting to be given as a gift... And we can certainly get anyone in possession of a Spoonier Spoon Ring (or Bracelet or Earrings) hooked up with the finish they prefer! (Suggested re-wording: And we can certainly get any Spoonier customer the finish of their preference!)

 A Note about Oxidation (Patina): 
One thing to know about sterling silver is that it oxidizes naturally when exposed to, well... oxygen, and water. This brings up 2 different subjects: 

1) Your ring will naturally oxidize in the crevices, and naturally burnish on the surfaces with regular wear. So if the oxidation isn't quite as dark as you like it right away, it will be after about 3 to 4 weeks of daily wear. 


2) if you are making an early purchase, it's best to avoid unwanted oxidation on the surface of the sterling by storing the jewelry in a cool dry place like a baggie, or another air-tight container.

Reserved Listings and Payment Plans: 
And the last thing that we should mention about our shop during the holidays is that we do not reserve items or offer payment plans during the months of October, November, and December.

So please make the early gift purchase with confidence, knowing that if an exchange, refinish, resize or return will be honored as long as the ring is in good condition and a message has been sent to me within 10 days of receiving your gift!

Thanks for helping us to make the world a bit more "Spoony"!!!

Tami Miller

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spoon Rings are for the Fabulous Gift Giver!

So our audience is really broad... and I mean REALLY broad! And that can be good and bad for us. Good because we know we have a ring for everyone, and not so good because we'd like to be able to find more people looking for that special something for that special someone a little bit easier in the vast sea of interwebs online shopping.

How do we get found by that Fabulous Gift Giver? Someone who needs to find a meaningful and substantial gift that will last a lifetime, and is specialized to their loved one's specific interest... Well, hopefully we've found you here! We actually genuinely LOVE what we do, and really want to offer the amazing designs we find from the turn of the century to as many people as we can!

We know that Spoonier Spoon Rings are the perfect gift for someone you know who loves Mermaids, or Animals, Art Nouveau, or Antiques that are Upcycled. Our Etsy shop also offers a variety of Souvenir Spoon Rings for someone who wants to commemorate their travels or have a nostalgic reminder of places past lived.

Did you know that Flatware is the Modern 5th Anniversary Gift??? Spoon Jewelry is *Perfect* for Him or Her for this special occasion! 

Our Policies were Created with our rings being used a the Perfect Gift! We offer Free Re-Sizing on every Spoon Ring purchase for the life of the ring. We also take Exchanges, Store Credit and Etsy Gift Cards. All of our spoon rings have Customizable ring sizes ranging from size US 2 all they way up to a size US 16. All of our purchases come in a little velveteen pouch within a little spoon box that is ready to be given as a gift! And we never include an invoice unless requested.

Another Exclusive Spoonier Offer is the Wish List for our Reproductions. We have a mold catalog with Hundreds of patterns that we cast in house by recycling the sterling silver spoon bowls we cut off the majority of our spoons to Upcycle them into different spoon ring designs! It's a Fabulous way to get a custom ring made for that special someone who loves Tigers, or who wants a unique Little Red Riding Hood ring.

We also offer Custom sets for families or Bridesmaid Gifts upon request (with awesome bulk order discounts).

Spoon Rings aren't just for women ether! We have several repeat Male customers who love a unique Statement Piece or a Masonic ring, or sometimes one of our Southwestern rings. And we can't forget our Huge array of Floral Designs! We try to keep our Frontenac Stargazer Lily pattern in stock at all times. There are also Native American themed rings and a large variate of Victorian selections.

But what if you just want a ring for your niece who is fairly small? We have the perfect Ring Selection for the petite of finger. And because we can resize the ring, we can make sure it continues to fit her as she grows over the years!

So as you can see... We kinda really have Something for Everyone!

And if you have Any questions at all or any ideas, please feel free to send me a message at our Etsy shop Spoonier and I'll get back to you within 24hrs!

I hope this has inspired Your Inner Fabulous Gift Giver to come take a look and see what Spoonier has to offer your Loved Ones this Holiday Season!

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spoon Ring Sizing: How can a spoon ring be a size 4 OR a size 12?

Hello out there internet!

  As a service to our wonderful customers, fans, and friends, we would like to begin a series to address frequently asked questions about our spoon rings.

 To start this series off, we would like to answer common questions about sizing. Many people wonder how the same spoon ring is available in a size 4, or a size 12. "Do you stretch the metal a bunch? Do you have many rings available in this design?" Good questions. Let's get down to the details:

- Size 4 to size 12: Our rings are open ended. They are very adjustable for this reason, and the wrap around design we use allows it to be worn at small ring sizes, or very large ring sizes. This is excellent news for people who tend to fluctuate in ring size over time. Your ring can fit to your specific finger!

New York Spoon Ring in Sterling Silver (Showing the "Wraparound "style)

- How is it done? We use our ring mandrel in our workshop to "open" the rings up in size, or "close" the ring "in" for a smaller fit. Here is a photo showing the same ring at vastly different sizes:

Here is one of our most popular designs at a size 4 

And at a size 7

And here is a size 10

 To show you the difference in look from our "chunkier" vs. more petite rings, we have a few more examples. First off, the petite rings cannot be sized up quite as much, but still have a good range.

Petite Ring at a size 5

Petite Ring ar a size 8

 All this is to say that these rings are extremely versatile! If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to message us via our Etsy store.

 Thanks so much for reading, have a good day!

Spoonier Team

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer is upon us! A snapshot of the Spoonier Team

Hello again to our fellow spoon aficionados!

 Summer is just around the corner and we are excited to get new projects up to speed, get outdoors, and enjoy time with friends and family. As we take a look at the year, we notice how busy we have been in our Etsy shop and elsewhere, and are reminded of the importance of taking breaks from the grind.

 That breath of fresh air is just enough to feel a taste of sweet liberation, while gathering inspiration to bring to all of our current projects. I thought I would take a moment in this month's blog to feature snippets of what everyone is up to at team Spoonier. Working from home has been a life changing journey: a lesson in hard work and reaping the wonderful rewards.

 Since the inception of Spoonier circa 2010, the meager beginnings of spoon ring production has blossomed to support the interests of a team of 3 people, with additional handmade production help as needed during busy seasons. Tami and Mike are located in Denver, CO and have many projects going from their home base including Spoonier, Celtic Eternity, and A Brass Lens. I can hardly believe they do all these things at once! Spoonier continues to manufacture the best collection of vintage sterling silver spoon rings on the planet! (If you find a better selection, please show us, we enjoy a good competition.)

 Tami Miller oversees production, quality control, and is the voice behind the conversations happening in our Spoonier and Celtic Ring Store. Thousands of satisfied customers and going! Tami has 2 beautiful children and spends time helping them have the best childhood possible. When she isn't on the bench or working from home, you can find her on a dance floor busting moves in goth clubs. I've seen it people, she's amazing!

Mike and Tami on a FL beach!

 JUNE's birth flower is the ROSE, check out our selection of rose spoon rings here. We still have an amazing selection of incredibly detailed floral rings, check out a few stellar rose patterns here:

Bridal Rose Pattern by Alvin Co, Sterling Silver Spoon Ring circa 1903

 The rose is an iconic flower in the West and traditionally symbolizes love, beauty, purity, and gratitude.

Celtic Wedding Ring Design, Trinity Knot in 10k Gold

 Mike Tobias is a man of many interests, and has by all means poured his heart and soul into creating a business model that we can all work for and live the independent lives we are after. His main project for some time has been buying and selling camera gear on A Brass Lens. Check out his store, it is very popular among camera enthusiasts!  In his off time Mike can be found working on his off grid home, enjoying amazing food, finding things NO ONE else can, and spending time with his girlfriend Tami.

 An example of  Mike's camera gear for sale can be found here:

Vintage Goerz 120mm Lens for Large Format Camera 

 The last member of the core crew is Josh Wendler, who co-founded Spoonier and many Celtic designs with Mike 5 years ago starting in Fort Collins CO then Chicago IL, then came back to Denver CO to train Tami before planting roots in the Bay Area in California. He recently made a new home in Oakland, California with a wonderful metalsmith roommate! They have a rad studio together where Josh helps with spoon rings and bracelet production. He also helps stone setting projects as we expand our skill sets for our unique ring selection.

Ruby Flush set into a vintage Silver Spoon Ring

Josh in the CA redwoods

 We are all so incredibly fortunate to be able to work from home and pursue what we love. Growing onward and upward is a tough process, and a lot of work- but I personally am very grateful to be able to work, live, and play handmade. Thank you for reading this, if you have ideas on anything spoon ring related, something you want to share, or just share a cool story, feel free to reach out to me personally: metal (dot) wendler (at) gmail (dot) com.

 Have an awesome day, more news soon! 

Spoonier Team

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sterling Lasts Longer Than Flowers: Save 12% for Mothers Day at Spoonier!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!

We have been busy as usual at Spoonier, but would love to interact with you more often. First off, if you are taking the time to read this, THANK YOU! We create content and love to offer specials to our loyal customers who make this worthwhile. Everyday when we get the chance to work from home and do something we love, it is an experience we are truly grateful for. We cannot thank you enough!

 That being said, we hope to have more blog content on a more regular basis. So if you have an idea, something you would be interested in seeing jewelry wise, or perhaps even a contest idea- please let us know in the comments section!

 May is right around the corner, and you know what that means. Mother's day is nearly here! May 11th, get your Mom something unique this year. All our spoon rings are 100% sterling silver, commemorating a longstanding tradition of Silversmithing art throughout the US and Europe. For a limited time only, don't forget to use the coupon code 12FORMOM for 12% off any purchase! 

 The Lily is the official birth flower of May, so we decided to dedicate this Mother's day edition of our blog to the unique lily patterns we have available at Spoonier. You can view our limited Lily's available at the moment right here, and you can view our entire collection of jewelry here! Here is a spread of what we have in stock, although we are updating our inventory constantly! Message us on Etsy if your favorite is sold and you would like one made to order.

Lovely Easter Lily Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, Hand Crafted Reproduction of an Alvin pattern circa 1900!

Cala Lily Sterling Silver Spoon Ring in Art Nouveau Style

Lily Spoon Ring in Sterling Silver, Frontenac Pattern circa 1903! 

Lily of the Valley Spoon Ring in Sterling Silver, Gorham pattern circa 1950

Pond Lily Spoon Ring in Sterling Silver, Reproduction of a Shiebler pattern circa 1902

 Hundreds more jewelry pieces available in our store, be sure to take a look. 
 We appreciate your readership, looking forward to comments on what content you want to see in the spoon ring and vintage jewelry universe.  

Have a good week~

Team Spoonier

Mike and Tami
Owner, Maker, Designer
Mike and Tami are High school sweethearts from northern Colorado, who have come together with Josh,(co-worker in the line of custom wedding rings, great friend and jewelry artist) to help upcycle antique spoons into Stunning Sterling Jewelry!
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

100's of New Vintage Silver Jewelry Items Coming to Spoonier

Hello out there!

 We here at Spoonier are pleased to report our findings from the Tucson Gem show in February. We were on the hunt for lots of new silver items. Other than our usual Spoon ring collection, we were very excited to be able to collect 100's of vintage silver items to add to our Etsy store. We will be slowly listing these over the next month, so keep an eye out in March and April~

 Of these new items, the collection of vintage items looks a little something like this:

100 vintage sterling silver rings:

So many rings! 

We love Filigree

28 vintage sterling pendants and necklaces:

Tons of new pendants! 

23 vintage sterling silver bracelets:

Fairy Pendant and Blue Bead Bracelet (Lapis Lazuli) 
32 vintage pairs of sterling earrings:

Lots of different styles available~

11 vintage sterling silver pins:

 We will list these all over time, keep an eye out in our store. If you would like to see when we list the newest batch of silver items, please follow us on:

Instagram: @spoonier

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All Celtic Rings on Sale in Celebration of St. Patricks Day!

Hello all!

Wedding Set
 50% off ALL Celtic Rings from Spoonier's shop in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! All rings on sale through April 3rd, 2014. Please check out our Celtic Ring section as we consider it a clearance sale. We would be happy to see all these rings find a good home.
Infinity Knot Sterling Silver Celtic Ring with Rubies

 50% off!
Nian-Lamm knot in Sterling Silver 

Happy March Everyone!