Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Floral Spoon Rings on Sale!

Vintage Victorian Era Rose Bud, Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Hello again everyone! I hope you all have had a  lovely May- Chicago was full of rain, cold, followed by a late Spring with blistering heat. Everything is in bloom again and the energy is high in the city, I cannot complain! (Come visit!)

 We have added over 80 Sterling spoon rings to our collection this month, and have at least that many more to go. In addition, we made our 200th sale this May and are so thankful to everyone involved!

 To celebrate this occasion, we are offering a 15% off on all Floral spoon ring patterns for the next 2 weeks only. (We also organized our store into new sections so you can easily find your favorite floral, figural, or animal patterns.)

  Perhaps there is lovely flower design you saw and fell in love with... Well now is your chance to snag one before we sell out of them! (Some of them do fly same day...) Visit our Etsy or Artfire stores today to see some new and old Floral patterns.
Victorian Summer's Delight, Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Vintage Manchester Hibiscus Floral Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Vintage Watson Bellflower Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Antique Manchester Poppy Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Whiting Lily Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, Circa 1902

Thanks for Reading and have a great day! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just for Fun...

Presenting Bee-Bot! A dear friend visited from out of town recently. It just so happens that art student alumni, when brought together, will make useless objects just because they can. For this meetup, we created a mini cardboard robot to visit and photograph the Midwest together.
Before (@ the Bean!)

A 6 pack of beer and a paint job later, the Bee Bot was born. We met all sorts of folks I would normally have been to shy to approach! Many gave the raised eyebrow, not understanding what function he served. Many however, understood it a was a just for fun project, and shared a laugh with us. A great, inexpensive way to meet new people in a new city. :)


After Paint Job

Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens

Greek Town

Wisconsin Sinclair Dinosaur

 Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

20 Items For 20 Dollars Sale!

In Bloom Flower Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, Handmade to your size
Hello everyone!  It has been a productive couple of months for us here at Spoonier, and we are about to once again boost our Sterling Spoon Ring collection to the stratosphere. In an effort to make way for new items, we would like to extend a thanks to our readers and offer first dibs on a major discount on the oldies. (Oldies but goodies~)  Some of these items are actually designs I really like, they simply look better on your fingers than on our shelves!

  This week’s promo is the “20 for 20 sale,” 20 various rings, necklaces and earrings that need a new home for 20 dollars. Shipping will apply for these items, but is nominal for our US and Canada customers ($2 Domestic U.S. , $5 to Canada- all items ship First Class unless otherwise requested.)

Be sure to check out the "20 for 20 section" in our Etsy and Artfire stores! Thank you for reading and have an awesome day! 
Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Clip On Earrings

Bold Linear Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, Handmade to your size

Vintage Sterling Silver Wire Fabricated Ring w/Carnelian stone

Vintage Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings
We love our readers, more specials to come! :D