Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spoon Rings are for the Fabulous Gift Giver!

So our audience is really broad... and I mean REALLY broad! And that can be good and bad for us. Good because we know we have a ring for everyone, and not so good because we'd like to be able to find more people looking for that special something for that special someone a little bit easier in the vast sea of interwebs online shopping.

How do we get found by that Fabulous Gift Giver? Someone who needs to find a meaningful and substantial gift that will last a lifetime, and is specialized to their loved one's specific interest... Well, hopefully we've found you here! We actually genuinely LOVE what we do, and really want to offer the amazing designs we find from the turn of the century to as many people as we can!

We know that Spoonier Spoon Rings are the perfect gift for someone you know who loves Mermaids, or Animals, Art Nouveau, or Antiques that are Upcycled. Our Etsy shop also offers a variety of Souvenir Spoon Rings for someone who wants to commemorate their travels or have a nostalgic reminder of places past lived.

Did you know that Flatware is the Modern 5th Anniversary Gift??? Spoon Jewelry is *Perfect* for Him or Her for this special occasion! 

Our Policies were Created with our rings being used a the Perfect Gift! We offer Free Re-Sizing on every Spoon Ring purchase for the life of the ring. We also take Exchanges, Store Credit and Etsy Gift Cards. All of our spoon rings have Customizable ring sizes ranging from size US 2 all they way up to a size US 16. All of our purchases come in a little velveteen pouch within a little spoon box that is ready to be given as a gift! And we never include an invoice unless requested.

Another Exclusive Spoonier Offer is the Wish List for our Reproductions. We have a mold catalog with Hundreds of patterns that we cast in house by recycling the sterling silver spoon bowls we cut off the majority of our spoons to Upcycle them into different spoon ring designs! It's a Fabulous way to get a custom ring made for that special someone who loves Tigers, or who wants a unique Little Red Riding Hood ring.

We also offer Custom sets for families or Bridesmaid Gifts upon request (with awesome bulk order discounts).

Spoon Rings aren't just for women ether! We have several repeat Male customers who love a unique Statement Piece or a Masonic ring, or sometimes one of our Southwestern rings. And we can't forget our Huge array of Floral Designs! We try to keep our Frontenac Stargazer Lily pattern in stock at all times. There are also Native American themed rings and a large variate of Victorian selections.

But what if you just want a ring for your niece who is fairly small? We have the perfect Ring Selection for the petite of finger. And because we can resize the ring, we can make sure it continues to fit her as she grows over the years!

So as you can see... We kinda really have Something for Everyone!

And if you have Any questions at all or any ideas, please feel free to send me a message at our Etsy shop Spoonier and I'll get back to you within 24hrs!

I hope this has inspired Your Inner Fabulous Gift Giver to come take a look and see what Spoonier has to offer your Loved Ones this Holiday Season!

Thanks for reading!