Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gem Set Spoon Jewelry! Because our Spoons Now Have Ice

Hello again all!

 We have been busy in the studio as usual, and continually implementing new ideas to create a fresh look on great vintage silver items.

 One of our newest projects has been setting faceted gem stones on our rings, something you definitely don't see everyday. We will be listing more soon, but as of now they are available in very limited batches. ( Click here to see our current selection of jewelry with gemstones!)

Here are some snap shots from the bench:
 "Athena" Pattern Silver Spoon ring with 4mm round CZ, Wendell Mfg ca 1890

 "Athena" Pattern Silver Spoon ring with 4mm round Ruby, Wendell Mfg ca 1890

Two rings before we re-patina them

Frontenac Lily Pattern with 4mm Round Ruby

 As always, thanks for reading- let us know what you think or want to hear more about!