Thursday, November 9, 2017

FAQ: Buying for the holidays: What is your return policy??

Hello Spoonier Fans!!!


The Holidays are approaching us and we are already getting questions about our return policy for gifts given in December. So here is an explanation of how our policies work around the holidays- for returns and a few different changes the Holidays bring to our shop:

First- We want ALL of our customers to be happy with their purchase. So when it comes to gift giving, this is no exception!

Returns & Exchanges:
Our shop policy is that a request for an exchange or return be given within 10 days of *receiving* your ring. The reason for a time limit on returns for the purchase is so that we don't get a scuffed up piece of sterling jewelry back after several wears already into the ring. But if the ring just sat in a box for a month or 2 and was given as a gift- and it wasn't quite as perfect of a match in size, or finish, or style, then we will absolutely work with the customer on an Exchange, a Free Resize, a Free Refinish - and on rare occasion, a Return. As long as the person who contacts me has the name of the person who gifted it to them, we are good (Suggested wording: we can work with you)

Ring Size:
We also will give a free ring sizer with any ring purchase upon request- which pairs perfectly with our Free Resizing (you pay shipping to us, and we pay shipping back)! So if you are guessing at the size for a gift, and are really not sure if you're going to be close, please request a free ring sizer so you can have it ready to get the actual size after gift giving, and your gift-ee can send the ring back to me confidentially (Did you mean confidently?) for a free resizing with an accurate ring size request.

Ring Finish:
There is also the Refinishing we offer for Free: We give all of our rings a brushed finish with a tiny bit of a cloth polishing before we ship. But someone might get the ring and wish it was as shiny as the rest of their jewelry. Or they may wish the patina was a bit darker to make the design pop a bit more, or the ring oxidized a bit while waiting to be given as a gift... And we can certainly get anyone in possession of a Spoonier Spoon Ring (or Bracelet or Earrings) hooked up with the finish they prefer! (Suggested re-wording: And we can certainly get any Spoonier customer the finish of their preference!)

 A Note about Oxidation (Patina): 
One thing to know about sterling silver is that it oxidizes naturally when exposed to, well... oxygen, and water. This brings up 2 different subjects: 

1) Your ring will naturally oxidize in the crevices, and naturally burnish on the surfaces with regular wear. So if the oxidation isn't quite as dark as you like it right away, it will be after about 3 to 4 weeks of daily wear. 


2) if you are making an early purchase, it's best to avoid unwanted oxidation on the surface of the sterling by storing the jewelry in a cool dry place like a baggie, or another air-tight container.

Reserved Listings and Payment Plans: 
And the last thing that we should mention about our shop during the holidays is that we do not reserve items or offer payment plans during the months of October, November, and December.

So please make the early gift purchase with confidence, knowing that if an exchange, refinish, resize or return will be honored as long as the ring is in good condition and a message has been sent to me within 10 days of receiving your gift!

Thanks for helping us to make the world a bit more "Spoony"!!!

Tami Miller