Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Giveaway hosted by guest blog "Simple" !!!

 Hi all, long time no blog- we have had a busy past few months between production and moving studio spaces. We have many updates coming soon including a visit to the Tucson Gem show in AZ, and great sales to come.

 We are happy to announce a featured giveaway of $50 USD credit towards any item in our store, hosted by guest blog "Simple: real moms {Reviewing} fabulous products"  . To enter, simply check out the review and follow the rules detailed at the end of the blog entry. With 42 total entries already, this giveaway is off to a good start!

Photo Courtesy of Jessica

 Here is a link to the "Simple" blog: http://www.simplemomreviews.com/2012/04/spoonier-spoon-rings.html

  Special thanks to Jessica for contacting us for this review. If you wish to blog about us or feature  a giveaway, contact us at guildofmetalliccontent (at) gmail.com for details and specifications.

 We appreciate your stopping by, use coupon code SIMPLE for a limited 15% off discount coupon on Spoonier's Etsy!

 See you next time~