Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Sale- All Pendants on Sale through November 11th, 2012!

 Hello everyone, we hope you are having a lovely Fall season. The transition here in Denver is in full swing and the colors are magnificent.  We are writing to let you know that all pendants in our store will be on sale now (Oct. 20th @ 4PM MST)  through November 11, 2012! You will save $10 on all pendants during the sale! Click here to see our on sale section.


  If you have had your eye on a pendant for awhile, now is the time to get it!

Art Nouveau Poppy By Watson, Sterling Silver

Art Nouveau Goddess with Pansies, Sterling Silver

Lovely Frontenac Pattern Pendant, Sterling Silver

Lovely Rose Pendant, Sterling Silver

Other announcements: Holiday season is right around the corner and we will be in high gear producing new spoon rings and pendants. Please let us know now if you have an item for our Wish list! (If the item has sold and you would like one, simply message us and we will try our darnedest to get you a ring before Christmas.)

 Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

~ Spoonier Team

Friday, August 31, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood Spoon Ring Giveaway, by Spoonier

WIN A FREE Little Red Riding Hood SPOON RING! (Active August 31st, 2012- September 14th, 2012)
Little Red Riding Hood Spoon Ring, Sterling Silver - Made in your size!

Win It - Spoonier is offering a "Little Red Riding Hood Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, Handcrafted in your size ,"  the one pictured above. Note: Current size fits 7.5-8, this ring can be sized from 5-10.
This giveaway is open to anyone, free shipping within U.S. (Winners outside of U.S. will be responsible for paying shipping, $8 to Russia, and $7 to everywhere else).
How To Win:
Mandatory Entry (this must be done before you can gain any extra entries) - Visit Spoonier and add us to your Etsy circle. (Comment below on this blog thread.)

Extra Entries (must have mandatory entry completed before you can gain extra entries) -
If it says (3) comments you must leave 3 separate comments.

1.  "Like" us on Facebook (  - (5) entries

2.Follow my blog - (3) entries

3. Pin your favorite item to one of your Pinterest board! (Please include link) (3) entries

4. Tag us in a Facebook post about this giveaway  ("The Spoon & Sprocket: Neo-Victorian and Custom Fashion") - (5) Entries

5. Follow Spoonier Jewlery on Pinterest! (6) entries

6. Blog about this giveaway - (10) entries (Blog must have at least 20 followers, send us a link in your comment.)

7. Follow us on Twitter: @spoonier (3) entries 

8. Heart Spoonier's Store on Etsy (add as favorite) - (2) entries

9. Share our "How to Make a Spoon Ring Video" on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest - (5) entries- (May only receive 5 credits for this, choose FB or Twitter, leave a comment on the youtube video about your entry.)

10. Purchase anything from Spoonier and come back letting me know what you purchased - (15) entries

This giveaway will end on September 14th, 2011 and is open to anyone  (Winners outside of U.S. will be responsible for paying shipping, $8 to Russia, and $7 to everywhere else). I will select a winner using a random number generator and I will email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email before I select a new winner.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Sale and New Items

Vintage California Souvenir Sterling Spoon Ring, now only $29.00
Hello all! We hope this July has been treating you well, and that you have managed to beat the heat this summer. We here at Spoonier have many announcements to share with you in the coming months, including a hard working new addition to our team (Yay! More on that later...) Production is ramping up, and along with it comes clearance of older items.

 From July 26th through August 15th, we will have over 60 rings on sale for less than $30 (Click here to see)! If you have had your eye on a special ring for awhile, now might be the time to pick it up. What does not sell during this clearance will be sent to metal refining, so don't miss out if you want one :)

Historic Souvenir Sterling Silver Spoon Ring with Mustache, $29.00

In other news, we have a plethora of new patterns in that will soon be made into our expanded line of jewelry products. Our inventory will now include spoon rings, pendants, and bracelets (<--Click to view)! Check out some of the patterns here: 
Angels playing horns.   As these are wider patterns, these are planned to be thumb rings and bracelets. Message us on Etsy for special requests!   Monograms can be removed.

Very crisp detail on floral and figural patterns- rings coming soon! 

Angels/Fairies at play. As these are wider patterns, these are planned to be thumb rings and bracelets. Message us on Etsy for special requests! 
Many new pendants available!

As always, thank you for taking a second to read this- we hope someone out there enjoys these spoon patterns as much as we do. More exciting news and unique jewelry coming your way very soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Featured Etsy Seller: Rainbow Unicorn

Summertime is in full swing, and so is our production line with many new styles to show you. In the meantime I thought it would be neat to showcase the artwork of a very talented local artist in Colorado. When the weather is hot, people's fashion and jewelry wear can reach for their wild side. Rainbow Unicorn's wares are perfect for festival season, boasting an array of beautiful and edgy feather earrings and headbands that are "handmade with pure love."

 Artist Jenna Smith works each pair by hand until they really pop! Check them out here:

Dainty Sunrise Boho Earrings- $13.00
Turquoise Mermaid Boho Feather Earrings - $16.00

Turquoise Flowers and Feather Adjustable Leather Headband
Garden Bird Flower and Feather Earrings

 New jewelry line coming very soon from us, Celtic jewelry that will blow the competition out of the water! 

Till next time, thank you for reading! 

Spoonier ~

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Spoon Patterns In!

Hey all! Just wanted to share some really unique new spoon patterns we got in. These will be available as rings this month, keep an eye out for them- I'm sure they will go quickly!.

 Check these out!
Wow... My partner really has an eye out for amazing designs.

I personally love the swallow spoon! But check out the detail on the far right- incredible...
   Also a brief announcement- we will be expanding our jewelry line in the very near future. Be sure to check soon for new bracelets and pendants! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make Your Spoon Into a Ring!

We have been taking custom requests for quite some time now, but it is high time to publish an official "how to" behind the process. It is quite simple, and a very affordable way to create custom jewelry for you and your friends.

New Feature in our store!

 Since we have a setup for bending spoon rings, we are offering to turn your vintage sterling flatware into unique and beautiful jewelry. A wonderful way to turn your family's heirlooms into wearable art! The process is simple on your part, (assuming the spoon is bendable), you simply send us your sterling spoon and we send you back a ring at your requested size. Here are just a few things to keep in mind before making a ring:

 Pricing: OPTION (A): $20/spoon ring
               OPTION (B) $15/spoon ring if we can keep the sterling silver bowl.
 Material: You supply the spoon(s)- but in order for us to bend them they must be stamped sterling silver. Plated stainless steel is very stiff and difficult to work with.

 Size: Two considerations here: 1) Please provide your desired ring sizes. And 2) to ensure your ring can be bent to that size the spoon should be at least 5.5" long, and fairly thin to be bent properly.

 Shipping/Mailing your item(s): If you meet these requirements, message us on Etsy and we will send you an address to ship your items to. Please allow 2-3 weeks turnaround time as our production queue is very busy making rings for our store.

 All our rings are finished with a patina to darken and give an "antique look," then brushed to make the patina really pop. All sterling jewelry will naturally burnish (get shinier) with wear, and looks very attractive as a ring.

 To get a better idea about the process, you can see our video on "How to Make a Spoon Ring," here:

 If you have any further questions, please message us on Etsy and we would be glad to answer them.  Thanks for your time, have a great day!

Josh and Mike


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Store Section: Antique Spoons and Flatware

We are happy to announce a new section of our Spoonier store, which showcases rare and unique sterling silver spoons. Normally we are happy to turn these antique spoons into rings, but these are antique spoons that are either in too good condition for us to use (ie, they're worth more as spoons), are too difficult to bend or wouldn't make good spoon rings. Nonetheless, they are patterns that are lovely and very hard to find.

 To browse all our available unbent spoons, click here

 Here are a few examples of the items we have for the debut of this section: (Click on any item to view the listing!) 
Antique Sterling Spoon with Art Nouveau Figural Goddess, by Fessenden

Detail of bowl Fessenden bowl, featuring Garden of the Gods Engraving 

Antique Sterling Spoon, Alvin Raphael butter knife and spoon Art Nouveau set 
Antique Sterling Silver Japanese Snake spoon set of 5

Antique Vintage Tiffany's Sterling Silver Spoon with Walking Child

 We will have more unique spoon rings to add to our collection this month as well, be sure to keep an eye out! Thanks for reading, have an awesome day~


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Giveaway hosted by guest blog "Simple" !!!

 Hi all, long time no blog- we have had a busy past few months between production and moving studio spaces. We have many updates coming soon including a visit to the Tucson Gem show in AZ, and great sales to come.

 We are happy to announce a featured giveaway of $50 USD credit towards any item in our store, hosted by guest blog "Simple: real moms {Reviewing} fabulous products"  . To enter, simply check out the review and follow the rules detailed at the end of the blog entry. With 42 total entries already, this giveaway is off to a good start!

Photo Courtesy of Jessica

 Here is a link to the "Simple" blog:

  Special thanks to Jessica for contacting us for this review. If you wish to blog about us or feature  a giveaway, contact us at guildofmetalliccontent (at) for details and specifications.

 We appreciate your stopping by, use coupon code SIMPLE for a limited 15% off discount coupon on Spoonier's Etsy!

 See you next time~