Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vintage Poison Ring Giveaway! Choose your Sterling Silver Poison Ring from the Spoonier Collection

Hey folks! So it has been awhile since we have done one of these, but it is high time for another Spoonier RING GIVEAWAY!!! Starts August 15th, 2013 and ends August 30th, 2013.
Choose your Poison Ring from our collection!

We have all sizes available from 5 up to 8.75 (quarter sizes included). A local jewelry store should be able to size these for you for a small fee if needed!

Win It - Spoonier is offering a chance to win a FREE Vintage Poison Ring for a limited time only, while supplies last. This giveaway is open to anyone, free shipping within U.S.We have 30 different designs to choose from! Winner may choose the ring of their choice.( Note: Rings are shipped as is, we cannot adjust them in our shop. Please select a ring size at or near your wearable size. A local jewelry store can size the rings for you if needed!)

How To Win:
Mandatory Entry (this must be done before you can gain any extra entries) - Visit Spoonier and add us to your Etsy circle. (Comment below on this blog thread.)


Extra Entries (must have mandatory entry completed before you can gain extra entries) -
If it says (3) comments you must leave 3 separate comments.

1.  "Like" us on Facebook (  - (5) entries

2.Follow my blog - (3) entries

3. Pin your favorite item to one of your Pinterest board! (Please include link) (3) entries

4. Tag us in a Facebook post about this giveaway  ("The Spoon & Sprocket: Neo-Victorian and Custom Fashion") - (5) Entries

5. Follow us on Instagram - @spoonier   ! (6) entries

6. Blog about this giveaway - (10) entries (Blog must have at least 20 followers, send us a link in your comment.)

7. Link about this giveaway on twitter!: @spoonier (3) entries 

8. Heart Spoonier's Store on Etsy (add as favorite) - (2) entries

9. Share our "How to Make a Spoon Ring Video" on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest - (5) entries- (May only receive 5 credits for this, choose FB or Twitter, leave a comment on the youtube video about your entry.)

10. Purchase anything from Spoonier and come back letting me know what you purchased - (15) entries

How we choose a winner:
This giveaway will end on August 30th, 2013 and is open to anyone  (Winners outside of U.S. will be responsible for paying shipping, $8.50 to Russia, and $7 to everywhere else). I will select a winner using a random number generator and I will email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email before I select a new winner.

So detailed!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Commemorate Your Favorite City, State, or Vacation Spot with Souvenir Spoon Ring from Spoonier (ON SALE!)

New York  Statue of Liberty Spoon Ring,
Sterling Silver
Hello spoon ring fans!

I hope your summers are going splendidly. Mike, the kids, and I recently went to the Southwest and visited New Mexico for a mini vacation. What a perfect getaway! We are currently in the midst of curating our souvenir spoon ring collection. As of today, 25 of our souvenir Spoon rings are ON SALE, 50% off! Starting at only $20, all of these rings are available for $60 and under while supplies last.

  Did you go somewhere special for vacation this summer? Get a unique memento with a sterling silver piece created to commemorate your favorite American states and cities!

 Some of our more popular designs include spoons commemorating California; New York, as well as various US state parks. There are even some American presidents and folk figures included in the mix. If you have a special request for us to keep an eye out for, please message us on Etsy.
San Francisco Bear Spoon Ring, 
 Sterling Silver
Seattle Space Needle Spoon Ring,
Sterling Silver

New York State Emblem Spoon Ring,
 Sterling Silver
Back of ring detail on New York Ring

Kansas City, MO Native American Spoon Ring,
Sterling Silver
Indiana Spoon Ring in Sterling Silver
High relief detail!

 And many, many more. As of the publication of this blog, we will be adding over 30 new souvenir spoons to Spoonier, so keep and eye out! Thanks for reading, have an awesome day everyone!


Bonus history fact: Did you know that souvenir spoons were originally introduced in the US in 1890? The first noted American souvenir spoons were manufactured in Washington D.C. by Galt and Bros Inc, featuring a profile of George Washington. A year later a jeweler in Salem, Massachusetts began making the now rare Salem Witch spoon. After selling 7,000 copies, a craze began for collecting them in the U.S. Jeweler Daniel Low was inspired to make it after seeing souvenir spoons on vacation in Germany.   (Source: Souvenir Spoon wiki
George Washington Souvenir Spoon Ring,
 Sterling Silver

Monday, July 22, 2013

Petite Spoon Rings: Featuring Rare and Antique Patterns Dating Back to 1885!

Art Deco Twisted Metal Spoon Ring, Minimalist Pattern in Sterling Silver  
Hi there fellow spoon ring lovers!

 We just wanted to say hello and update everyone on a new section of spoon rings available at Spoonier, a section dedicated to "Petite Spoon Rings!" These are perfect for those with smaller ring sizes, or perhaps for those interested in the idea of a vintage style toe ring. Ideal for sizes 3.5-6.5.

 With over 50 sterling silver items currently in stock, there are many different styles to choose from- all very unique! Here are a few of our favorites:
Spoon Ring Rare Antique Celtic Deign in Sterling Silver by Gorham, Designed in 1885 

Antique Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, Art Nouveau Pattern by Whiting Co, Circa 1899

Petite Spoon Ring Trumpet Orchid Pattern in Sterling Silver, by International Silver Co., Circa 1908

 In other news, our favorite blogger, Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl) is absolutely wonderful and has featured our items yet again in her upcoming vidayos! You can view her many assorted videos on her channel >here<, and see a review of our jewelry coming soon!

 As always, thanks so much for reading, and please let us know what you like to hear more about!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gem Set Spoon Jewelry! Because our Spoons Now Have Ice

Hello again all!

 We have been busy in the studio as usual, and continually implementing new ideas to create a fresh look on great vintage silver items.

 One of our newest projects has been setting faceted gem stones on our rings, something you definitely don't see everyday. We will be listing more soon, but as of now they are available in very limited batches. ( Click here to see our current selection of jewelry with gemstones!)

Here are some snap shots from the bench:
 "Athena" Pattern Silver Spoon ring with 4mm round CZ, Wendell Mfg ca 1890

 "Athena" Pattern Silver Spoon ring with 4mm round Ruby, Wendell Mfg ca 1890

Two rings before we re-patina them

Frontenac Lily Pattern with 4mm Round Ruby

 As always, thanks for reading- let us know what you think or want to hear more about!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

20 New Spoon Pendants!

New spoon pendants available from Spoonier! We chose our favorite patterns that we thought would make for great everyday wear pieces, as well as really unique animal, Art Nouveau, and Floral patterns. We guarantee you haven't seen anything quite like this for sterling silver jewelry. Most of our pendants are available with your choice of 18" chain, 24" chain or a black or brown leather cord! (Message us on Etsy if you have a specific request!)

Browse the full selection in our Pendant Section! For a select sneak peek, check these out~

Note: Click any of the subtitles to see the items and more photos in our store!

Gorham Sterling Silver Bird Spoon Pendant, Ca 1890 by Spoonier

Art Nouveau Lotus Silver Spoon Bowl Pendant By Spoonier

Gorham Sterling Silver Horse Spoon Pendant, Ca. 1890 By Spoonier

Organic Heart with Leaves Sterling Silver Spoon Bowl Pendant by Spoonier

Lily of the Valley Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Spoon Pendant by Spoonier 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Style Feature: Alligator Ring Jewelry by Spoonier

Vintage Alligator Souvenir Spoon Ring
  Over the past couple of years, one of our favorite patterns we have come across in vintage spoon patterns are the alligators! These reptilian spoon patterns are notable for their high level of detail both inside and outside of the rings, creating a really fun 3D effect. We love the animal spoon patterns in general because they are definitely some of the more unique jewelry items we have seen on the market. And so affordable considering what jewelry is going for these days. Check them out!   

  Recently we sent one of our gator rings over to our Etsy friend Bunny Meyer,( Grav3yardgirl) from Texas- check out her Vlogs (youtube channel) about everything cool in style from make up , clothes, to DIY crafts and of course- jewelry! She will be featuring a few of her favorite items from Spoonier in an upcoming "vidayo" of hers - so keep an eye on Grav3yardGirl's Vlogs and be entertained by the surely sassy satire about her Spoonier gifts! (She has an etsy shop too, click here to see! Follow her InstagramFacebook, and Twitter here.)

   Here are a few examples of our Alligator spoon rings available in our Etsy Store

Vintage Alligator Souvenir Spoon Ring, Sterling Silver

Alligator Spoon Ring in Sterling Silver, Made in your size

This is one of my favorites~

(And of course, if you see one you like that is already sold, be sure to message us and we will put you on our wish list!)

As always, thank you for reading- and have a greeeeeeeaaat day! 


Monday, April 1, 2013

New Features! More Options To Ensure a Very Happy Customer

What a difference!
     Hi all! Due to popular demand and many  questions on the matter, some of our options have expanded to deliver the highest quality spoon rings on the market. Here are some highlights of the new features in our store to ensure that your ring is just right for you or that special someone, including new Polished finish, leather cords, and FREE re-sizing for life!**

"Finish" Options!: Polished versus Brushed
     When purchasing your items, you can now choose to have your ring brought to a shiny, high luster polish, or go with the matte brushed finish that is seen in all of our photography. Both look really nice when worn on the finger, and let the antiqued black look in the details really pop for vintage character. Some customers have requested to have the high polish, so we thought we would make it available on all our products!

The same ring has a whole new life to it~ 

Which one do you like? Let us know on facebook! 

 Can't decide? We can also use a polishing cloth for an "in between" look, where the high points are polished and the ring remains brushed finish!

**Hint: Clients usually decide on which finish to get by what look they want- if they want a more antique
looking piece, brush finish will have an "old timey" quality. But if the rest of the jewelry
you wear is polished silver, often the choice is polished to match the rest of your jewelry collection.

Pendants: Brown or Black Leather cords~

      Most of our photos in our store feature the pendants on a stainless steel chain. We recently added many cords to our collection, and you can choose between your choice of black or brown leather cords. If you would like a leather cord, simply mention in the NOTES FROM BUYER section upon checkout. 

An example of the standard Stainless Chain Option

An example of our Black leather cord. (Psst, have you seen our Celtic Jewelry store yet??) 

FREE Re-size for the life of the ring!  

       If you were on the fence about a ring because you know that your ring sizes have changed over the years, now you can send it back to us anytime for an adjustment to make sure it's snug for everyday wear. We want to ensure that your ring is wearable for the lifetime of the product! (*Shipping---we will pay for shipping the item BACK to you, but at this time cannot pay for shipping to Spoonier for sizing. )

Spiffy Notes and FAQ:

-How do I know what my exact ring size is? 

We still recommend going to a local jewelry store or goldsmith to get an exact ring size, which most will gladly do for FREE! But there are many ways of obtaining your rings size, feel free to message us on our Etsy store if you have questions.

HINT: To ensure a good fit, make sure to measure your finger from knuckle to knuckle and compare it with the amount of mm indicated in the ---specs--- location of our listings.

- Cool Online Ring Sizing Chart Via Blue Nile Diamonds:

- International customer and wondering what your ring size for our spoon rings?
International Ring Converter:

- An item sold that I REALLY wanted... What can I do to get another just like it?

 For just such an occasion, we have a Wish List: If the item you want is SOLD and you would like to be put on our contact list when we get another in stock, please message us on Etsy with the link to the item you want and we will contact you when another comes in.

 Wow, if you made it through all that, you really are a trooper. Perhaps you even love spoon rings as much as we do? If you have any questions, comments, or cool photos to share, be sure to check us out on facebook. Thanks for reading and have an Spoontastic day!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Style Feature: Growing Art Nouveau Collection in 2013

After a fantastic visit to the Tucson Gem show, we stumbled across some of the coolest vintage finds we have seen in a really long time, and I think they are pretty exciting. As Art Nouveau nerds, part of the reason we like to make spoon rings is that it is a way to celebrate the craftsmanship and mastery of silversmithing of old that one does not see much of in this day and age.

  Here are a few snapshots (and links) to some of the vintage, Art Nouveau jewelry finds that we are proud to offer in our expanding Vintage section. Please click on any of the links or photos to see more shots, as well as a description of each item in our store:
Art Nouveau Lovely Goddess Pendant, Sterling Silver Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Sterling Silver Butterfly Pin with Ruby and Marquisite, Art Nouveau Style 

Art Nouveau Style Cherub Necklace with Wings, made in Sterling Silver

Art Nouveau Cupid Pin, Sterling Silver Chasing and Repousse Vintage Technique

Art Nouveau Gazing Goddess Pin, in Sterling Silver

Vintage Lion Head, Art Nouveau Style. Doubles as a pin AND a pendant!

Vintage Engraved Locket, 1/20 Gold Filled with Monogram

  As we move into 2013, we are really excited about our growing vintage section. Items are going fast, so we will be sure to keep an eye out for the most eye catching, beautiful and classic examples that the Art Nouveau period has to offer.

 To all the fellow vintage fans out there: what are you most interested in? What would you like to see in stock at Spoonier? Leave us a comment or connect with us on Facebook!   

 Thanks for reading, have an awesome week! 


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Style Feature: Exclusive Victorian Dragon Pattern Now Available at Spoonier

Victorian Dragon Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, now available!
 Introducing a new blog series, "Style Feature!" Here at Spoonier, we are proud to stock some of the most unique and downright elegant patterns we have ever seen. We thought it was a good idea to start documenting some that we feel are more rare to come across.

New lot of Victorian Dragon pattern spoons, beautifully finished into rings exclusively at Spoonier.  This ring has lovely detailed depiction of a dragon amid deilicate florentine design. Click here to see our current stock, or visit our store any time! 

 Patented in 1875, Whiting ARABESQUE sterling silver demitasse spoon was made for George C. Shreve & Co., a large San Fransisco jeweler. A traditional rendition of the mythical beast that was originally from the middle ages, but revived during the Victorian period. Really catches your eye! 

This is not a reproduction but an original piece.

Incredible detail remains on these silver rings that is both unique and elegant. Excellent condition, makes a great gift.

NOTE: Message us on Etsy if we do not currently have any of this item in stock. We have a wish list and can order one for you! 
Incredible detail throughout the top of the ring, yet smooth for a comfortable wear on your finger. 

Made of the finest Sterling Silver, I put a brushed finish on these rings to even out the surface for a brilliant matte look! Simply stunning with the antique patina that naturally occurs in vintage spoons.

This particular Spoon Ring is monogrammed with "MGA"
*** Some of these Rings have various monogrammed initials from time to time, but can be removed upon request (though it does look kinda cool!)***

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed our new "Style Feature."

~ Spoonier


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage Mania! Sterling Silver Vintage Jewelry available at Spoonier

Vintage Silver Rings, including filigree, vintage stones, cameos, and more!
Hey all~

 After having visited the Tucson Gem show in February, Spoonier has added TONS of new vintage silver to our collection. Many of the items that caught our eye were Victorian style designs, filigree, beautiful vintage stones, engravings and bright cuts, earrings, or just anything unusual that could spice up our collection!

 Our wonderful model and team member Tami displays many rings from the new batch here being worn on her hand. (Stylish, don't you think?)

A few lovely assorted vintage sterling silver rings 
Another shot with more gorgeous vintage rings! They just don't make them quite like the used to. Our growing collection showcases mostly silver vintage, offering an affordable value that reflects a refined tradition of excellence in craftsmanship. Click here to see our vintage collection.
More Silver Filigree upclose shots, including butterfly patterns and Bright cuts! 

I can't believe we found a Unicorn!!! 
Vintage Silver Rose Collection, Only 3 left!!!

For the gold buffs and those with metal allergies, we do have a few gold filigree rings with set stones, such as pink spinel and aquamarine. Gorgeous, intricate rings- sizeable by any local jewelry store or goldsmith.

Filigree Aquamarine Engagement Ring 14K White Gold, Size 5.25

Filigree Pink Spinel 14K Engagement Ring, 14K Yellow, s z 4
Vintage Siam Enamel Clamper Bracelet, coming soon!

Gorgeous Silver Lockets, coming soon!

 Keep an eye out at Spoonier as we continue to list these beautiful patterns, as well as add to our growing collection of pendants and bracelets!

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day! If you have any ideas for future posts, or would like to be featured in our blog, please email us at: