Thursday, April 4, 2013

Style Feature: Alligator Ring Jewelry by Spoonier

Vintage Alligator Souvenir Spoon Ring
  Over the past couple of years, one of our favorite patterns we have come across in vintage spoon patterns are the alligators! These reptilian spoon patterns are notable for their high level of detail both inside and outside of the rings, creating a really fun 3D effect. We love the animal spoon patterns in general because they are definitely some of the more unique jewelry items we have seen on the market. And so affordable considering what jewelry is going for these days. Check them out!   

  Recently we sent one of our gator rings over to our Etsy friend Bunny Meyer,( Grav3yardgirl) from Texas- check out her Vlogs (youtube channel) about everything cool in style from make up , clothes, to DIY crafts and of course- jewelry! She will be featuring a few of her favorite items from Spoonier in an upcoming "vidayo" of hers - so keep an eye on Grav3yardGirl's Vlogs and be entertained by the surely sassy satire about her Spoonier gifts! (She has an etsy shop too, click here to see! Follow her InstagramFacebook, and Twitter here.)

   Here are a few examples of our Alligator spoon rings available in our Etsy Store

Vintage Alligator Souvenir Spoon Ring, Sterling Silver

Alligator Spoon Ring in Sterling Silver, Made in your size

This is one of my favorites~

(And of course, if you see one you like that is already sold, be sure to message us and we will put you on our wish list!)

As always, thank you for reading- and have a greeeeeeeaaat day! 


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