Sunday, October 31, 2010

And now for something completely different

And now a moment to celebrate Kate Winslet with pink hair. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so, so good...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hoodie Scarf: fact or fiction?

Current obsession: The Hoodie-Scarf. Scoodie. Call it what you will, these items are really fun to wear and can make any occasion festive, all while keeping you warm this Fall/Winter.

Lightweight, versatile, and stylish, these accessories are a blast to wear around (from personal experience!) Here are a few creations I found online that were particularly striking.

1) "Hoody Neck Warmer for Men" by LoveandKnit
Designer from Istanbul- I really love the simplicity and boldness of it. For only $65, very attainable for a one of a kind look! So many accessories to match as well. You can see more items like this at LoveandKnit's Etsy store .

2) "Houndstooth Pattern Masculine Jersey Tube-Scarf Hoodie Gray Stone" by Under Reconstruction

Based out of London, I really like how versatile the artist is with this piece. It looks so warm too! For only $30, this is a steal for a handmade piece.

You can find more scarves/hoods/cowls for Men and Women alike at Marzena's Etsy shop: Urban Reconstruction .

3) "Pacha Play Hood Scarf" by Pacha Play
I am in love with Pacha Play's take on the Hoodie Scarf, these patterns are soooooo delicious! $50 says this scarf is mine for Christmas! Haha, but seriously Colorado artists obviously rule (woot!) You can find more badassery at Pacha Play's Etsy store!

4) " Space Moss Scoodie with Interstellar Weave and Vintage Lace Hood" by Intergalactic Apparel
And now for something more colorful! I really dig this one, as it almost functions more as an art piece than a scarf or hood. For $98, this would make a great gift for that special hippie or free spirit in your life. Really festive, this would make me really happy to see someone wearing in public. For more out-of-this-world-creations, check out: IntergalacticApparel.

5) "Hoodie Scarf Magic Reverse with Hidden Pockets" by Gaian Agenda

Some of you may recognize this from playa adventures with yours truly, as I personally have this Hoodie-Scarf! With Hidden pockets and reversible design, this was SO perfect for keeping shade during the day, and keeping warm at night. Nothing but good experiences with the seller/maker, as they made sure to get it to me in time for the Burn for just $40. To see more of Gaian Agenda's work, visit: GaianAgenda's Etsy .

That is it for this installment y'all, if you have any ideas, comments, or stories to share please contact me via email: The more the merrier!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Make a Tiara in 3 easy steps!

The Martha Stewart in me was running rampant today, so I decided to blog about a custom piece I made for a dear friend.

Not very often do I get a crazy request to make something purely for costume ornament. So when I do, I try to have as much fun as possible! This piece was inspired by a dear friend in a dance troupe from CO called the Fly Girl Movement. They do many live costumed performances with Dubstep DJ's, and are quite a site to see!

After a few emails and conversations to establish the "look" she was trying to achieve, I quickly hit the studio and cranked out what I could with the current studio I have. I documented the process and decided to share it with you!

1) Sketches - It takes some work, but when you get a feel for what you would like to see, it's time to make it 3-D!

2) Build and Assemble- Like a soldering mad-man, I began to use the powers of Alchemy that only a metalsmithing nerd would claim to have.

3) Voila! Finished piece- in true Martha Stewart fashion, you get to see a 5 hour process in less than 30-seconds.


Also, be sure to check out our new feather steez available on our Etsy shop! --> MetalWendler

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chicago Bound...

Less than a month less before I get to venture to the "windy city" that is Chicago! After a preview visit of my soon to be apartment, I am really pumped to find my place in a city that feels more and more like home.

This last visit, (nearly) the entire team was present for a chance to eat awesome food, glimpse the Art Institute of Chicago near Millenium Park, and walk the city until our legs ached! I venture again in November for a permanent move, just in time for SOFA 2010!! ( Sculpture Objects & Functional Art expo:

Here are a few shots from "Beats Antique" at the Abbey Pub in Chi town, Sat Oct 2nd. Wonderful live performances of Middle-Eastern, electronic-fusion, and belly dance. What a night! More photos to come, stay tuned for SOFA updates!


The lovely and talented Zoe Jakes! (

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Fire Within )'(

Welcome to our new blog! We are a fashionably late bunch of entrepreneurs, indie artists,photographers,and tech geeks. (Forgive me if I've left anyone out- the nature of our team is growing organically, more to come!)

Allow me to introduce myself, I am one of the contributors and artists on board, they call me Wendybird. As we all hail from different regions, backgrounds, and sentiments, we seek to show a glimpse of the world we travel. Our journeys through making have brought us together, and we will continue to share new creations and inspirations with you!

What a year it has been! Recently returned from Burning Man in early September, the first reunion in quite some time. Many nights were furiously danced, many art cars were hopped on, and thankfully no one was hurt. All in all an incredible time, but now we bring that fervor and passion to our commitment to creation.

Everyone's journey a personal one, I wish to leave you today with an artist who'
s work I found right after the burn. Or rather, her work found me. My first day back from vacation, I accompanied my mother to a local Barnes and Noble in Wellington, FL. Thoughts of playa dust still fresh in my mind, I grabbed a couple of art magazines. The very first one I grabbed floored me... "Shamaness" and costume designer, artist Tiffa Novoa's work has forever shaped the culture of burning man. (1975-2007)

Personally, I have never felt such an immediate connection to someone's work- but Tiffa's costume design quite simply speaks my language. Ever sinc
e I was 15, I have enjoyed making and creating adornments for the body. The bigger, the crazier, and more out of this world- the better! Jewelry and metalsmithing was my first venture into the world of design.

However, even my most heartfelt works were met with great personal feedback, but no one (including myself) could quite put my work into an appropriate context. "Where do you see this work being shown/sold? Who could you see wearing the pieces?" Not having answers for these questions, it was a "back to the drawing board" scenario.

Burning Man was one of the first instances I've seen to show art- completely uninhibited. Not only is it welcome, it is encouraged. The art being seen was a primary concern, while the meaning a close second, and the "functionality" of a piece came a very distant third. Even if this piece could have no conceivable place in a traditional gallery, it was at home at the burn. It only takes seeing your first 40 foot, flame-shooting sculpture garden to really understand this point.

These ideas fresh in my head, coming across T
iffa Novoa's costumes brought new meaning to my own work. The act of wearing a piece brings new life to a costume. No matter how "other worldly," crazy, or over the top, a costume or jewelry piece one envisions, it can be put in context through speaking to the right audience. When you know how to speak your audience's language, you are free to explore your heart's vision to it's fullest, satisfying end... One look at her work made this possible for me to understand.

I hope to find and work with many more artists who inspire me the way Tiffa's work does. May you rest in peace Tiffa, you live on through your work ~

Stay tuned for more updates from the other side!!!


All images of Novoa's work