Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hoodie Scarf: fact or fiction?

Current obsession: The Hoodie-Scarf. Scoodie. Call it what you will, these items are really fun to wear and can make any occasion festive, all while keeping you warm this Fall/Winter.

Lightweight, versatile, and stylish, these accessories are a blast to wear around (from personal experience!) Here are a few creations I found online that were particularly striking.

1) "Hoody Neck Warmer for Men" by LoveandKnit
Designer from Istanbul- I really love the simplicity and boldness of it. For only $65, very attainable for a one of a kind look! So many accessories to match as well. You can see more items like this at LoveandKnit's Etsy store .

2) "Houndstooth Pattern Masculine Jersey Tube-Scarf Hoodie Gray Stone" by Under Reconstruction

Based out of London, I really like how versatile the artist is with this piece. It looks so warm too! For only $30, this is a steal for a handmade piece.

You can find more scarves/hoods/cowls for Men and Women alike at Marzena's Etsy shop: Urban Reconstruction .

3) "Pacha Play Hood Scarf" by Pacha Play
I am in love with Pacha Play's take on the Hoodie Scarf, these patterns are soooooo delicious! $50 says this scarf is mine for Christmas! Haha, but seriously Colorado artists obviously rule (woot!) You can find more badassery at Pacha Play's Etsy store!

4) " Space Moss Scoodie with Interstellar Weave and Vintage Lace Hood" by Intergalactic Apparel
And now for something more colorful! I really dig this one, as it almost functions more as an art piece than a scarf or hood. For $98, this would make a great gift for that special hippie or free spirit in your life. Really festive, this would make me really happy to see someone wearing in public. For more out-of-this-world-creations, check out: IntergalacticApparel.

5) "Hoodie Scarf Magic Reverse with Hidden Pockets" by Gaian Agenda

Some of you may recognize this from playa adventures with yours truly, as I personally have this Hoodie-Scarf! With Hidden pockets and reversible design, this was SO perfect for keeping shade during the day, and keeping warm at night. Nothing but good experiences with the seller/maker, as they made sure to get it to me in time for the Burn for just $40. To see more of Gaian Agenda's work, visit: GaianAgenda's Etsy .

That is it for this installment y'all, if you have any ideas, comments, or stories to share please contact me via email: The more the merrier!



  1. Great piece man!
    Dude, I want one of these so bad now!!!
    And yea I totally recognized that last one as one that you wore, but I had no idea you were wearing a hoodie scarf, I thought it was just a jacket, or a vest or something, that's rad, so it seems these things can take on multiple styles and uses.

  2. Thanks Jeramey! Hey by the way, I've been looking all over for that song they were playing at sunrise at the temple- the one that really moved everyone... Kait said you may have found it?