Friday, October 8, 2010

Chicago Bound...

Less than a month less before I get to venture to the "windy city" that is Chicago! After a preview visit of my soon to be apartment, I am really pumped to find my place in a city that feels more and more like home.

This last visit, (nearly) the entire team was present for a chance to eat awesome food, glimpse the Art Institute of Chicago near Millenium Park, and walk the city until our legs ached! I venture again in November for a permanent move, just in time for SOFA 2010!! ( Sculpture Objects & Functional Art expo:

Here are a few shots from "Beats Antique" at the Abbey Pub in Chi town, Sat Oct 2nd. Wonderful live performances of Middle-Eastern, electronic-fusion, and belly dance. What a night! More photos to come, stay tuned for SOFA updates!


The lovely and talented Zoe Jakes! (

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