Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Commemorate Your Favorite City, State, or Vacation Spot with Souvenir Spoon Ring from Spoonier (ON SALE!)

New York  Statue of Liberty Spoon Ring,
Sterling Silver
Hello spoon ring fans!

I hope your summers are going splendidly. Mike, the kids, and I recently went to the Southwest and visited New Mexico for a mini vacation. What a perfect getaway! We are currently in the midst of curating our souvenir spoon ring collection. As of today, 25 of our souvenir Spoon rings are ON SALE, 50% off! Starting at only $20, all of these rings are available for $60 and under while supplies last.

  Did you go somewhere special for vacation this summer? Get a unique memento with a sterling silver piece created to commemorate your favorite American states and cities!

 Some of our more popular designs include spoons commemorating California; New York, as well as various US state parks. There are even some American presidents and folk figures included in the mix. If you have a special request for us to keep an eye out for, please message us on Etsy.
San Francisco Bear Spoon Ring, 
 Sterling Silver
Seattle Space Needle Spoon Ring,
Sterling Silver

New York State Emblem Spoon Ring,
 Sterling Silver
Back of ring detail on New York Ring

Kansas City, MO Native American Spoon Ring,
Sterling Silver
Indiana Spoon Ring in Sterling Silver
High relief detail!

 And many, many more. As of the publication of this blog, we will be adding over 30 new souvenir spoons to Spoonier, so keep and eye out! Thanks for reading, have an awesome day everyone!


Bonus history fact: Did you know that souvenir spoons were originally introduced in the US in 1890? The first noted American souvenir spoons were manufactured in Washington D.C. by Galt and Bros Inc, featuring a profile of George Washington. A year later a jeweler in Salem, Massachusetts began making the now rare Salem Witch spoon. After selling 7,000 copies, a craze began for collecting them in the U.S. Jeweler Daniel Low was inspired to make it after seeing souvenir spoons on vacation in Germany.   (Source: Souvenir Spoon wiki
George Washington Souvenir Spoon Ring,
 Sterling Silver

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