Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage Mania! Sterling Silver Vintage Jewelry available at Spoonier

Vintage Silver Rings, including filigree, vintage stones, cameos, and more!
Hey all~

 After having visited the Tucson Gem show in February, Spoonier has added TONS of new vintage silver to our collection. Many of the items that caught our eye were Victorian style designs, filigree, beautiful vintage stones, engravings and bright cuts, earrings, or just anything unusual that could spice up our collection!

 Our wonderful model and team member Tami displays many rings from the new batch here being worn on her hand. (Stylish, don't you think?)

A few lovely assorted vintage sterling silver rings 
Another shot with more gorgeous vintage rings! They just don't make them quite like the used to. Our growing collection showcases mostly silver vintage, offering an affordable value that reflects a refined tradition of excellence in craftsmanship. Click here to see our vintage collection.
More Silver Filigree upclose shots, including butterfly patterns and Bright cuts! 

I can't believe we found a Unicorn!!! 
Vintage Silver Rose Collection, Only 3 left!!!

For the gold buffs and those with metal allergies, we do have a few gold filigree rings with set stones, such as pink spinel and aquamarine. Gorgeous, intricate rings- sizeable by any local jewelry store or goldsmith.

Filigree Aquamarine Engagement Ring 14K White Gold, Size 5.25

Filigree Pink Spinel 14K Engagement Ring, 14K Yellow, s z 4
Vintage Siam Enamel Clamper Bracelet, coming soon!

Gorgeous Silver Lockets, coming soon!

 Keep an eye out at Spoonier as we continue to list these beautiful patterns, as well as add to our growing collection of pendants and bracelets!

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