Sunday, March 17, 2013

Style Feature: Growing Art Nouveau Collection in 2013

After a fantastic visit to the Tucson Gem show, we stumbled across some of the coolest vintage finds we have seen in a really long time, and I think they are pretty exciting. As Art Nouveau nerds, part of the reason we like to make spoon rings is that it is a way to celebrate the craftsmanship and mastery of silversmithing of old that one does not see much of in this day and age.

  Here are a few snapshots (and links) to some of the vintage, Art Nouveau jewelry finds that we are proud to offer in our expanding Vintage section. Please click on any of the links or photos to see more shots, as well as a description of each item in our store:
Art Nouveau Lovely Goddess Pendant, Sterling Silver Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Sterling Silver Butterfly Pin with Ruby and Marquisite, Art Nouveau Style 

Art Nouveau Style Cherub Necklace with Wings, made in Sterling Silver

Art Nouveau Cupid Pin, Sterling Silver Chasing and Repousse Vintage Technique

Art Nouveau Gazing Goddess Pin, in Sterling Silver

Vintage Lion Head, Art Nouveau Style. Doubles as a pin AND a pendant!

Vintage Engraved Locket, 1/20 Gold Filled with Monogram

  As we move into 2013, we are really excited about our growing vintage section. Items are going fast, so we will be sure to keep an eye out for the most eye catching, beautiful and classic examples that the Art Nouveau period has to offer.

 To all the fellow vintage fans out there: what are you most interested in? What would you like to see in stock at Spoonier? Leave us a comment or connect with us on Facebook!   

 Thanks for reading, have an awesome week! 


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