Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Floral Spoon Rings on Sale!

Vintage Victorian Era Rose Bud, Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Hello again everyone! I hope you all have had a  lovely May- Chicago was full of rain, cold, followed by a late Spring with blistering heat. Everything is in bloom again and the energy is high in the city, I cannot complain! (Come visit!)

 We have added over 80 Sterling spoon rings to our collection this month, and have at least that many more to go. In addition, we made our 200th sale this May and are so thankful to everyone involved!

 To celebrate this occasion, we are offering a 15% off on all Floral spoon ring patterns for the next 2 weeks only. (We also organized our store into new sections so you can easily find your favorite floral, figural, or animal patterns.)

  Perhaps there is lovely flower design you saw and fell in love with... Well now is your chance to snag one before we sell out of them! (Some of them do fly same day...) Visit our Etsy or Artfire stores today to see some new and old Floral patterns.
Victorian Summer's Delight, Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Vintage Manchester Hibiscus Floral Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Vintage Watson Bellflower Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Antique Manchester Poppy Sterling Silver Spoon Ring
Whiting Lily Sterling Silver Spoon Ring, Circa 1902

Thanks for Reading and have a great day! :)


  1. It's crazy how beautiful spoons used to be! These are lovely :)

  2. Wow! those jewelries are so beautiful.I really love Tanzanite because it's deep blue shade is so beautiful. Now Select your Top 20 Rings Collection