Thursday, January 13, 2011

GoldDust- The Future of Bass Fashion

     Hello everyone! Smallfry here. First of all, allow me to introduce myself! I'm a friend of the Spoon and Sprocket tribe, and a representative of the Denver art and music scene. Hopefully I'll start contributing regularly, but for now I'm serving as a guest writer. Anywho, here we go!

     Visual art and music have long been associated with one another. There's something about connecting to multiple senses that reaches people on a deeper level. In Denver, the bass music community has been embracing that concept. Artists and designers are being brought in to shows to display their art and even create new pieces live in front of the audience. From this a new community is blossoming-- music-inspired clothing. Fashion designers are becoming inspired by the community and culture of the music scene, creating new and amazing pieces that embrace bass culture.

     One of the most avant-garde new designers on the scene is GoldDust, a collaboration between clothing designer Emyli Dahlia and painter Carmine Diaz. Each piece is hand-made and painted, and self-described as high-end rage-wear. "Born out of subwoofers and sunrises", the designs embody the melding of two artforms. Recently at one of the weekly dubstep shows, they premiered their new line in a fashion show.

      Accompanied by the sounds of local dubstep dj Coult45, the models showed the crowd the future of bass fashion. Music and visual art collaborating together in the same room, the event was filled with the vibrations of energy, excitement, and of course bass. Their hooded designs are available in pre-made or custom pieces, and each is completely unique. We can't wait to see the bass-born vision that come from this next generation of designers! Here are links to their website, Facebook, and Etsy pages.!/GoldDustCouture

Enjoy, and happy hunting!

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