Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Romantic Eco Friendly Gifts for February

This February, indie artists are in full swing creating handmade, one of a kind, eco-friendly and recycled wares that are sure to make great Valentine's Day gifts! Yeah, yeah- we all know Valentine's day is a capitalist diversion created to sell Hallmark cards... But this February, why not fight the power by supporting your local D.I.Y artists instead of buying corporate? Besides, indie gifts are a more personal, romantic, and thoughtful surprise.

This week we have included 4 artists who stood out as colorful, vibrant examples of why sustainability STILL kicks butt, and how recycled material does not have to mean macaroni art. (CLICK ON ANY OF THE PHOTOS TO CHECK OUT THESE STORES) Enjoy!

FULL OF LOVE eco friendly cotton lace yoke top Small

PierogiPicnic not only has immaculate taste for Polish dumplings, they also have a knack for Lacey Yoke. I can't get over her creative photos, I give a thumbs up just for that. Sustainable, cute, but still an element of edge that will get noticed.

JakeCleo reminds us that eco-friendly is still uber sexy! Complete with handmade packaging and satin finish, what more could you ask for?

Eco silver pendant - Pillow cutout

Leave it to Indie artists to tout attitude while demonstrating that cute winter wear can still be fun.! A touch of romance with a flower for warm

Not Your Boyfriend's Beanie

every day covering, Mnemosyne Designs does it all. From Bamboo, hemp to wool, they specialize in 100% organic wares that are stylish and fun.

Wood Ring - Zebrawood

Morningwoodturnings   creates unique ring bands from sustainable wood sources. Excellent craftsmanship and presentation will be sure to please a lucky recipient.

That is all for today, I hope to have inspired an interest in the makings of your fellow artists, knitters, and jewelers who keep D.I.Y. fresh and unique. Until next time~



  1. Hey! You called our stuff sexy! Awesome compliment :) Thanks for highlighting our recycled silver necklace.